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engineering competence

mixed with passion

Special Forces work together since 2018. We are a group of proffessionals, qualified engineers designing complex systems from hardware to software. Our competence was appeciated by big players from several industries.

Mobile applications development

Complex systems including integration with IoT and other distributed devices.

WEB Applications Development

Complex systems for various customers and businesses including advanced data presentation and maps.

Hardware design & Development

We design, develop and fabricate electronic hardware. We use 3D printing for fast prototyping.

Agorithms design and development

Tough algorithmic problem?

Nerd Army.

embedded software design & development

Microcontrollers, IoT, embedded PCs, sensors.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Development

We support our partners in developing autonomous systems.



We take care about your usage experience. Fast UI prototyping for every system.

Industrial Software Design & development

Production lines, control PLCs, Industry 4.0

IT & Industrial Consulting

We support our partners in systems and processes design. We audit existing solutions and propose changes and innovations.

About Us

8 founders

Pure engineering company founded by engineers.

Company built from sctratch, privately owned.

We Digitalise Your Freedom Experience

Campers, Caravans, Yachts, Tiny Houses


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